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Welcome to Red Label Home

Red Label Home is a WHOLESALE ONLY supplier of “Home & Garden Decorative Accessories” serving the retail, interior design, wholesale, e-commerce and hospitality industries.

Red Label Home was first started in May 2003 by Jeff Ozyurt and "Levo" Levent Yaylali. Jeff Ozyurt had worked in the industry for about 10 years when he decided to start Red Label Home.

Our company mission is "We want our customers to succeed". For that matter we always searched for products with price points that can help our customers make good profits with quality and trend in mind. When we design and/or find a product, we first ask ourselves "How mush for can our customers can sell this product for, and is the product trendy and in demand". If answer is yes we start manufacturing it to bring it to the home decor market to our valuable customers.

Red Label Home mainly work with Mexican artisans and factories to exceed your expectations. We know that homde decor industry is saturated with Chinese products.Our designers in Mexico follow the trends internationally and turn their creativity into in-demand, tasteful, fashionable, attractive products.

Our handmade product lines include pottery, lighting, oil paintings, wall decor, glass and iron combination, vases, Bellagio Glass, candle-holders, accent furniture.

We also design and manufacture special orders for our customers. Some of our interior designer customers demand special designs for their projects. Be it for a hotel interior design project, weddings or a special product for chain retail stores. We design and provide services for their design needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any special design needs.

Team "Red Label Home"

"We are WHOLESALE, B2B business ONLY. Need a RESALE account to purchase"