How to Order

Welcome to Red Label Home

Hi to all our amazing customers:

The BEST way to order our fast selling products is ORDERING ONLINE from this website. The website is up to date with all the products. Also, we add our newest products to our website even before we show them at tradeshows.

If you subscribe to our emailing list we will send you all emails informing you when we add new products to this website, so that you can be one of the first people to see them.

ONE THING to keep in mind always is that; our products sell pretty fast. BUT because our products are HANDMADE production takes time after you place your order. We do our best to manufacture as fast as possible but sometimes we are overloaded with orders and production time takes longer.

Therefor we advise you plan ahead with your orders and try to order even before you need to place an order with RED LABEL HOME.

AGAIN - The BEST WAY TO ORDER is ONLINE from this website.


  • ORDER ONLINE (recommended):
    Go to and Sign In. You need to have an account registered to be able to place orders online. If you do not have an account yet please REGISTER.

    We ONLY sell to businesses with RESALE permit since we are a B2B wholesale business. We will verify that you are a legitimate business once you submit your information. We will need your "resale permit" number registered with your state.
  • FAX:
    Write down your order and quantities on a piece of paper and Fax your order to 843-763-5233

  • E-mail:
    E-mail your order to

  • CALL:
    If any of the above options to order is not available to you, then you can CALL: 843-763-5225

"We are WHOLESALE, B2B business ONLY. Need a RESALE account to purchase"